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RFID Products: Circulation SelfCheck Handheld Security Gates Mobile Tagging Station LibKit

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification)

What is RFID Technology and how is it used in a library?

Radio Frequency Identification allows special readers to identify a unique characteristic of an item using radio waves. A reader communicates with an RFID tag, which holds digital information stored on a microchip. In the case of a library situation, each book has an RFID tag attached to it. The RFID tag has the item number (previously the barcode number) programmed onto the tag. Antennas attached to staff workstations at the circulation desk, the return area, and other locations can identify items in a pile without library staff having to handle them. The system is designed to read many items at once and no line-of-sight to the RFID tag is needed; unlike barcodes where each item must be scanned individually. The ability to scan a bunch of items in a pile means that library staff no longer have to handle items individually.


The Lib~Chip RFID Label & Reader/Antenna

The Lib~Chip RFID label is produced exclusively for library materials. With the ability to hold substantial information, the label is a cost-effect method for materials management, ultimately replacing the barcode. Our Lib~Chip label or tag is paper thin and flexible, which allows it to be placed inside each book in a library’s collection. The tag is made of an etched antenna and a microchip that stores bibliographic data including a unique ID number to identify each item.

Roll of RFID tags

The reader and antenna come in different designs that meet the specific needs of a library’s workstation. The reader provides the power to the antenna so that it will generate a Radio Frequency Field. When a tag passes through this RF field, the reader decodes the information stored on the chip and them sends the information to the computer that communicates with the library’s automation system.


Streamline Circulation

Libramation’s RFID Staff Workstations and Return & Sorting System make circulation procedures easier and decrease the amount of materials handed by staff reducing repetitive motion injuries. Patrons simply place their items and library card on the circulation-desk target area; the Lib~Digit software reads the RFID tags, connects to the library automation system, checks for any circulation blocks, changes security status in the ILS and prints a receipt, all in a matter of seconds. Library staff are not required to handle any material, but are there to monitor transactions and are available to assist patrons with any concerns.

RFID, library, books, circulation desk

Circulation Desk

Materials are checked in by library staff using the staff workstation installation, or checked in and sorted automatically via the ACT-Return & ACT Sorting Unit. As patrons place an item into the ACT-Return unit, the system identifies the item, connects to the automation system, checks the item in, and resets the security status. As the item continues through to the sorter, items are identified for special circulation statuses such as on hold or inter-library loan and the call number is identified. Items are dropped into assigned bins based on circulation status or shelving location via a conveyor system.


Patron Privacy and Independence Using the Lib~Chip Self-Check Stations

Our RFID tabletop units, as well as our other Self-Check stations, are designed to provide patrons with a confidential, user-friendly way to sign out their own materials. Patrons can access their accounts; review materials presently borrowed and renew materials as well. This system reduces the handwork for library staff and frees them for other patron related services.

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SCOT EC - RFID Tower unit -RFID 2 Tower Units - RFID


Effective Collection Maintenance and Control Using the Lib~Chip Lib~Scan

Libramation’s Lib~Scan Hand Held Unit provides an excellent tool for inventory control and other collection maintenance activities. Using the portable unit, staff simply walk along the shelves to perform inventory or complete other library tasks. By setting program parameters via the touch screen or keypad on the unit, it is able to assist staff in tasks such as finding lost items, locating items on hold, reorganizing miss-shelved items, or any number of other data inquiries. The Lib~Scan can also be used by library staff for remote circulation allowing staff to sign materials out to patrons without having to be at a workstation.

Lib~Scan Hand Held Unit

Increasing Security

The fast anti-theft function prevents unauthorized borrowing, reducing inventory shrinkage. As patrons sign materials out, the status is set to authorized allowing patrons to pass through security gates equipped with a Reader and Antenna. The gates search exclusively for items that are set to an unauthorized status. Our security gates with auditory alarms and flashing lights activate should someone attempt to pass through the gates with unauthorized items.

Plexigates - Single Aisle
RFID Karmeleon - Single Aisle
4 RFID gates - Triple Aisle
3 RFID gates - Dual Aisle


The introduction of the Lib~Kit® RFID system will allow you to Check large quantity materials In or Out in less then a minute. Many distribution facilities are sending/receiving 25 to 40 items in a tote (cardboard or plastic) however they must scan each items barcode one-at-the-time.
The time savings realized are such that one person could perform the job normally done by three, in the same timeframe.
The system consists of a large RFID Antenna contained in durable ABS plastic L-shaped housing, that can be placed on any none metalic service. One would simply place the box on the platform, and the RFID antenna will read all the RFID taged items in the field.

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Lib kit


Mobile Programming Station

RFID Mobile Programming Station

Libramation's staff friendly RFID Mobile Tag Conversion Station makes your conversion even faster! Designed for easy maneuverability in the stacks, avoid the unnecessary hauling of items from the shelves. The rolling workstation is fully equipped with a single-component TouchScreen computer, a barcode scanner, automatic label dispenser, Commander reader/writer unit and a power station. The label dispenser automatically provides a label ready for attaching to any item and is able to handle large rolls of tags with a dimension of up to 8". The battery power station allows for several hours of uninterrupted functioning, however the 30' retractable extension cord allows staff to program tags for a limitless amount of time without any problems.