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Providing Patron-Friendly Automation

Libramation's SCOT self-check system has proven to be an excellent solution to increase library efficiency and patron independence. SCOT allows patrons to manage their own transactions, including borrowing and returning library materials. The addition of patron self-check systems significantly reduces handwork for library personnel and frees them to focus on other patron services. This cornerstone of our library automation equipment systems is easily modified to an RFID workstation.

The touchscreen monitor features animated prompts and instructions, in a choice of several languages, which allow patrons easily sign-out, renew and return library materials. This unit combines a reader for patron cards plus an optional PIN code "keypad" that can be enabled should the library wish to implement an extra level of security. The top-mounted scanner easily accommodates multiple barcode locations ensuring the system meets the library's needs. The SCOT automatically prints a receipt for the patron once their transaction is completed.


Libramation custom builds each library workstation to the library's specifications. The library can choose from five different barcode self-check models:

SCOT Small Cabinet

The SCOT (Self-Checkout Terminal) is a free-standing kiosk made from wood and finished with a tough laminate. Select your countertop and base cabinet laminates from manufacturers such as Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar and Arborite. The lockable cabinet is ergonomically designed and wheelchair friendly to fit into any library environment.

Cabinet Dimensions: 36" W x 29" D x 36" H

SCOT Small shown with EM "L" coils

SCOT Infinity II

Libramation's SCOT is now available with hydraulic legs allowing patrons to adjust the height of the self-check workstation. This workstation can be lowered to a height of 28" for patrons in wheelchairs and small children and raised to 39" for taller users. All it takes is a push of a button to ensure libraries have an ergonomic self-check for all patrons.

Cabinet Dimensions: 39" W x 29" D x 28" - 39" H (height adjustable)

SCOT with Infinity II Legs and EM "L" coils


This unit is a single system that is installed in the same base cabinet as the SCOT and is designed to sit on top of a library's existing or new millwork. A leg assembly can be ordered at a later date, allowing the unit to become a freestanding kiosk.

Cabinet Dimensions: 39" W x 29" D x 10" H

Model SCOT/A

The Assembly system includes all the hardware and software components for an Easy-Check system. This installation can be built into either existing or new millwork, allowing for maximum customization and integration into the library décor.

NB: This model does not include a cabinet. Detailed line drawings and mechanical specifications will be provided to the library architects and contractors to ensure all components will be properly housed.

Custom Installation

Model SCOT Tabletop

The SCOT Tabletop model is designed to be placed directly on a counter or tabletop or even in a bookmobile. It can easily be relocated as required by the library. The unit comes equipped with single barcode scanner and has the computer enclosed in a lockable powder-coated housing. The library has the option of choosing the color of Corian plateau the system is mounted on. (please note, this system is not compatible with EM security)

System Dimensions: 30 ¾" W x 29" D x 20 ½"

Tabletop Model

The SCOT Software

For patrons who have never used a self-check machine before, our system is extremely user-friendly. Our touchscreen allows patrons to interact with the machine without the use of a keyboard or mouse. Our animated instructions supplemented by written text provide clear instructions on how to borrow books and ensure of their desensitization of the security system.

Libramation's SCOT uses our Lib~Digit Software to connects to all major ILS, including SirsiDynix, Innovative Interfaces, KOHA, and Polaris, using SIP, SIP2 and NCIP. Any circulation activities are dependent on the circulation policies that exist in your automation program. This means that it will honor any circulation blocks due to type of material or patron status and allow patrons to see their circulation status.

To assist the patron with easy to understand instructions, Libramation has developed a series of animations demonstrating detailing the method and procedure of each transaction to accompany the text on the screen. Authorized library staff can easily edit the text commands in the window.

Integrates with Library Security

A feature of the Lib~Digit software is its ability to desensitize all types of Electromagnetic (EM) security strips, including 3M TattletapeT on print library material, CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs. Our electromagnetic coil system can desensitize security strips located in a variety of locations other than the typical spine location.

SCOT is also equipped with a secondary contact magnet system, which can safely desensitize the security strips on video and audiocassettes while keeping the media unharmed. Libramation uses this system to ensure the electromagnetic coils do not damage magnetic media. The Lib~Digit software is designed to look at the format of the item in the automated system first before deciding whether to initiate firing the electromagnetic coil.

Multiple Barcode Locations

Libraries do not always have barcodes neatly placed on the front cover of materials in a standardized location. As a result, Libramation has developed the optimum hardware layout in order to facilitate various barcode locations. In addition, since barcodes on library materials may be in various data formats, we calibrate our laser scanner to read only the pertinent barcode configurations, and ignore others such as the ISBN barcode. The barcode scanner provides a visible scanning line and is equipped with a "power save" switch feature. In order to ensure our self-check systems work on installation, each system is bench tested using actual material from a client library.

RFID Compatibility

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology promises a great future for efficient material management in libraries. Our SCOT System is easily modified to create an RFID workstation. Key add-on components include a Commander reader/writer antenna and a Corian item guide to replace the standard stainless steel item guide. Please contact Libramation for more information.

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