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The Libramation Circ-Desk library counter equipment combines a technically innovative processing system with an ergonomic friendly workstation for library personnel. To improve productivity and safety, the CircDesk design ensures close proximity to the body’s natural motor functions. By minimizing the risks related to lifting books and other repetitious tasks, the Circ-Desk helps ensure a healthy work atmosphere.


Circdesk station


Providing expedient Lending and Return efficiency
The Circ-Desk lending and return unit offers an efficient and ergonomic process for library materials, ideally by installing the unit into your circulation desk. The patrons may swipe their own library card, in order to initiate the material process. The staff member will be able to view the patron status on the flat screen monitor. This monitor can adjust vertically,tilt and even rotate. This make it easy for patrons to see the screen, without having them lean over the counter.

Rotating screen on Circ-Desk station

Optimizing patron service

Patrons appreciate any time and effort that is saved when borrowing books from the library. The layout of the Circ-Desk ensures that the borrower simply places the chosen library materials on the desk, just left of the screen. A staff member then slides each item by hand along desk, where it passes over the build-in or by the top mounted barcode scanner for it to read. An acoustic signal indicates that the scanner has successfully identified the item, the inventory is automatically updated. Once scanned, the library materials are desensitized and moved to the client area of the desk for retrieval by the patron. The service works in reverse when items are returned. During the return process, library materials are subsequently placed on a book trolley for re-shelving. To complete the process, the staff member presses the receipt key on the mini-keyboard and a confirmation receipt is printed, including possible overdue fees. A cash drawer option is available to collect any fees

RFID CircDesk station

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