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The LibraMate is a service that allows your patrons to borrow books and media 24/7. It can function as a mini library in smaller communities, in shopping malls, or train stations, just to name a few. The LibraMate can also function either exclusively or combined for dispensing "Hold" request.

24/7 Services

LibraMate touch screen

24/7 Borrowing and returning

The LibraMate features a customized graphic interface, which guides their search and provides step-by-step checkout instructions using a touch screen. The self-charge unit allows Patrons to browse the Library's collection, select the item of choice, check out their selection, and receive a receipt. Once the patron has validated their Patron card, the requested item is discharged in a handy box. The boxes are available in two sizes, allowing for optimal storage capabilities. The items can also be returned at the LibraMate, making them immediately available for the next patron, all without staff intervention.

24/7 viewing

The LibraMate is linked to your ILS system and allows Patrons to view and browse online for titles available in the LibraMate. A hold can be placed on any of the items available in the LibraMate.

A patron using the LibraMate

LibraMate over flow

24/7 library

The LibraMate has been operational for several years in many Libraries in the Netherlands, and Libramation is extremely pleased to introduce this technology to Libraries in North America. The unit can be built into a wall with the storage compartment behind the wall, ideally with 24 hour access in your lobby area. The unit is ADA compliant allowing adult, children and wheelchair patrons easy access.

Alternatively the LibraMate can be designed as a freestanding unit allowing installations in remote areas as a mini Library.




Technical data

Type mm(l x w xh) Inches(l x w x h)
600 pcs(standard version) 4301x1559x2515 170x61.4x99
1000 pcs(Long version) 5980x1559x2515 235.4x61.4x99
1000 pcs(High version) 4823x1559x3430 189.9x61.4x135
1500 pcs 5980x1559x3430 235.4x61.4x135

600 to 1500 items

Very quiet operation < 50 db
Power supply 380 V, 16 amp
Dimensions boxes

310 x 235 x 45mm/ 12.2 x 9.3 x 1.8 inches and

252 x 193 x 60mm/ 9.9 x 7.6 x 2.4 inches

The LibraMate is based on RFID technology

On delivery of a LibraMate, we offer you a customized service and maintenance contract.

The dimensions and capacity of the LibraMate can be customized to allow for maximum efficiency.










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