Libramation: About Us

Libramation is committed to providing quality RFID solutions for today's markets. Established in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1998, LIBRAMATION works with sophisticated LF, HF, and UHF technologies to generate novel and unique solutions to solve our clients' problems in a wide range of applications including: asset tracking for work sites, warehouses and lay down yards, fleet management, physical document management, and heath care.

As a company, Libramation has both the skilled personnel as well as the financial resources to ensure the success of the projects we undertake anywhere in North America. We have over a decade of experience in implementing successful RFID solutions in industrial applications, oil and gas, heavy equipment, warehousing, universities, libraries, and government offices.

Libramation strives to provide the best quality RFID solutions in order to provide our customers with immediate benefits and rapid Return on Investment. Our commitment to customer service is the foundation of our business model. We strive to not only meet, but also exceed our customers' expectations at every opportunity. We view our customers as long-term business partners, so it is essential that we maintain a good rapport with them in all our dealings.