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RFID Concrete Maturity Monitoring System

Concrete Maturity Monitoring System that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which allows you to receive the in-situ temperature of the concrete wirelessly. You will actually be able to read the temperature data right through the concrete!

Fifty years ago,  engineers discovered the many advantages "Concrete Maturity" had over the destructive process of measuring the strength of the concrete. However, because there were so many problems inherent in the capture of in-situ temperatures using sensors and wires, "Concrete Maturity" has been slow in being accepted.

Fifty years later, many are still measuring concrete maturity the old fashioned way by burying various types of temperature sensors in the concrete, then stringing wire out to the edge of the concrete, then hooking up some type of device to read the temperatures. This often ends up in frustration because of the difficult process of stringing the wires, then discovering later on that one or more wires was broken either internally or externally.

Today, using wires for concrete maturity data is out of date and not the best way!  Now you can have RFID with built in temperature logger and no more broken wires!  You will be amazed at how simple wireless concrete maturity using RFID has become!

  • Bury the RFID tag
  • Cover it with concrete
  • Let the RFID tag collect the temperature data
  • Retrieve the data as frequently as you wish to
  • Nothing to hook up
Compared to the destructive method where you break the cylinders or beams, concrete maturity is:
  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • More reliable
  • More accurate
  • Less expensive
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WAKE RFID Concrete Maturity Monitoring System - How it works  


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