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RFID Document Tracking Solution

Documents are not always available when they are needed. They can be misfiled, or simply misplaced by the recipient. Libramation has a method of knowing who was the last point of contact with an important document and will ensure the availability of the documents at all time. Not only does it have the ability to rapidly find archived documents, the system can also provide audit reports on the location of the document, when needed.

As files and documents security evolve, it is going to become more common for file room applications to embrace RFID technology. Not only is it important to determine the location of a file and/or document, but also who has the document and where has it been. DocStaxx security model ensures that only designated personal can enter new documents, query status, edit, retire and archive documents. In addition, files and/or documents can be checked out to authorize personal.

The DocStaxx Solution knows not only the location of a file, but also all the "child" documents. For the occasions that a document has to be removed from the office environment i.e. taken to a client, or to work from another location. DocStaxx has Check in/ Check out feature. Reports and alerts are created automatically or when needed, to notify the appropriate personnel of any anomalies.


The Requirements

Documents that need to be tracked automatically may all enter the department at a single point or they may enter at multiple points. No matter how, it is very easy to place an RFID tag on a document, then readers are placed at appropriate points in the process to allow easy location of the documents.


The Solution

DocStaxx is the solution. This turn-key, web-based solution includes all of the hardware and software to automatically track all or selected documents and files. In the DocStaxx software, permissions can be set to allow adding and/or retiring of the documents and folders at any or all, of the reader locations. Once a document is added to the system, any station can create a complete audit trail that not only shows the real-time location of the document, but also all the people that have handled or made requests for that document.


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The Benefits

- System operates in a web browser, eliminating the requirement to have software and updates on each office PC

- Queries and reports are accessed via the Web Browser
- Documents can be located in real-time, a huge time saver
- Add Documents and monitor activity from your browser
- DocStaxx manages files and contained documents (Parent/Child relationship)
- Eliminates misfiled documents
- Check in/Check out of files done securely
- Easy retire and archive documents
- Audit trail reports are included with the software. Additional reports can be added at anytime
- Software can be designed to fit your application and the training can be tailored to your needs


The hardware

DocStaxx uses 13.56 MHz (HF) PJM (Phase Jitter Modulation) RFID technology from Megellan Technology.

Magellan Technology developed this technology, and is the manufacturer and licensor of this advanced read/write 13.56MHz RFID systems. Their unique RFID technology complies with ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2 standard and is the only RFID solution to offer the capability to reliably read tags when the are close, touching or stacked on top of each other.

PJM technology is more than 10 times faster than other existing HF technologies and PJM products are optimized for applications where many hundreds of tags are stacked tightly or need to be identified reliably in fast moving dynamic situations where tags are presented in all directions.

A variety of PJM reader configurations are available for the system desktop readers, document trays, and archive box tunnel readers. The tags are supplied with a strong adhesive hence the label can be applied to any document securely.

The DocStaxx software runs on a regular PC and uses Windows Server 2003, SQL 2005, and IIS (Internet Information Services). This PC comes ready configured for your use and readers can be installed anywhere in an office environment.


Document tray (inbox)
MARS-24 (PJM reader with 24 inputs)
Circular PJM antenna
MARS-6 (PJM reader with 6 antenna inputs)
PJM Tunnel reader


DocStaxx is a document tracking application. It is used wherever the ability to track paper documents is required.

Typical applications for the software include:

Lawyers Offices
Mortgage companies
Insurance Companies
Financial Institutions
Medical Offices
Pharmaceutical Companies
Government Offices

In fact anywhere that there is a requirement to track physical documents

The system uses an approach that keeps track of all the locations that a document is seen. On each desk in the office, a reader is used to log documents in and out. The reader can be pre-made document tray(inbox) or the atennas can be embedded in an existing desk. The document is placed on the antenna and the system records the event. A full history of the document as it moves around the office can be accessed in the system. There is a facility to add new documents, retire documents and archive documents.



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