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ACT Two - Way Sorting

The newest addition to the Libramation Act-Sort system, is our latest Bi-Directional Sorter.


Providing quick material handling


This quick 2-way sorting unit is made from a lightweight metal, but still durable for longetivity, with an extra wide belt to handle even your longest item in an extremely quiet operation.

Easy to use for Patrons:

The Touch Screen can provide instructions in multiple languages, to assist patrons in returning their materials. Your existing book or item slot can be used, minimizing any construction requirements, however we could provide you with Stainless Steel insert if needed. A shelve is suggested to place the receipt printer and the touch screen is simply wall mounted.

Efficient and Cost Effective:

This 2-way sort unit communicates with your ILS via SIP protocol by reading the information from RFID tag.

The moment an item gets close to the belt it is immediately checked in, and the security bit is turned on. When there is no exception, the item is moved to bin one and is ready to be shelved, however if there is an exception such as a hold, it is moved to bin two, a significant savings of staff time and a much faster material turnaround.

The unit is height adjustable which allows you to use any bin that you already use in your library.


The units come complete with all the hardware, such as: PC, Touch Screen, Printer, Electronic Control Box, RFID Reader and Antenna and the Metal Adjustable stand.

The software is very flexible, and the library can customize all the messages on the screen in multiple choice of languages, including the receipt.




Request a Demo    Download Details