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RFID Security Gates


RFID Security Gates Collection

-Gates query the RFID Tags EAS or AFI Bit to establish if the item is authorized or not.
-No server required, hence no additional cost.
-Directly floor mounted.


RFID Gates, Plexi-Tall Design

- Single, Dual or Triple Aisle

- In-Floor Mounting

- Plexiglass design

- Alarm Light Changes to Red when Triggered with Sound

- ADA complient

- Colors to choose from

Plexi-Tech Gates Triggered
Dual Aisle Plexi-Tech Gates



RFID Kameleon Gates

-Single Aisle or Dual Aisle

-In Floor Mounting

-ABS Plastic Design

-Alarm Light and Sound

-ADA Compliant

Triple Aisle Kameleons
Single Aisle Kameleons
Dual Aisle Kameleons


RFID Gates, Plexi-Tech Design

-Single, Dual or Triple Aisle

-In-Floor Mounting

-Plexiglass design

-Alarm and Sound

-ADA complient

Plexi-Tech Single Aisle
Plexi-Tech Dual Aisle

3D Hybrid EM/RFID Gate

Connected to a certus EM Rotating field Electronic the EM part provides a detection rate of more then 95% at a gateway distance of 90cm. For driving the RFID part two RFID Transmitter/Receiver Channels are needed. The RFID part provides with that, in a gateway with 90cm distance, a detection rate of more than 90%. The Gate Panel looks approximately at the following: The dimensions are: 1700 x 900 x 30 (foot 180) mm (height/breadth/depth).



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