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IDENTEC - RFID Asset Tracking Solution

Where are my assets?

Introducing IntelliFIND-IDENTEC SOLUTIONS revolutionary asset management system.

From contractor, to supplier through to owner, IntelliFIND provides the ultimate in asset visibility and control. Quick and easy to deploy IDENTEC SOLUTIONS patented technology delivers instant results that translate into significant immediate and long term savings. Developed specifically for harsh indoor and outdoor environments, IntelliFIND is the most viable and cost effective asset management solution available.


Know what is where, when and in what condition. Online. At any time.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS provide powerful RFID tools to assist companies in streamlining the time and resources related to managing their mobile assets such as containers and vehicles. Here are real-world examples of how our customers are saving millions of dollars in operating costs utilizing our active RFID solutions:
  • 15-35% savings in containers quantities and repurchases through efficient tracking
  • Four times more rapid location of finished vehicles in staging lot
  • Increased production throughput by more than 200%
  • 25% reduction in dwell time and assembly errors
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' wireless long-range RFID system - Intelligent Long Range (ILR) can identify, locate and track assets at a distance up to 1500 ft (500 m). The reliability and performance of our system is unmatched in the marketplace and is designed for high throughput in dynamic, demanding environments.
The solution offers:
  • Low infrastructure cost
  • Low implementation risk
  • Scalable solutions
  • Short deployment schedules
Areas of expertise:
  • Container and rack tracking
  • Reusable transport material (RTM) tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Yard management
  • Manufacturing processes

By minimizing the need for human intervention and unnecessary labor, operations are streamlined and costs are decreased. The customers' experience improved productivity, quality and predictability through:

  • Reduction in errors
  • Reduction in non-value-added activities
  • Reduction in shrinkage and theft
  • Instant and accurate on-line inventory
  • Increased visibility for just-in-time inventory management
  • Control of fixed assets
  • Increased customer responsiveness
  • On-time and accurate delivery
  • Real-time business intelligence and reporting

Asset Tracking equipment:


Tags :- Identify items(by electronic serial number) and store information regarding the items and their history (ie. temperature). Tags are available in a variety of configurations to meet the data requirements of users.
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ILR i-B tags are tags designed to be cost effective, easy to implement and maintain, and to offer maximum flexibility. The i-B series of tags are beacon tags, meaning they continually send out their ID at pre-programmed intervals. This means that tags do not need to be interrogated in order for them to send their information—they do it automatically.

Beacon tags operate in the UHF frequency range and can be read under a variety of conditions at up to 100m (300 ft). Additionally, ILR beacon technology is available with an optional marker, allowing for extremely granular location determination such as lane discrimination for transportation applications.

ILR i-B tags are deployed in numerous transportation and logistics applications throughout the world.
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ILR i-Q tags are the original ILR tags and continue to be the workhorse for many of our customers. The i-Q series of tags comes with on-board memory, user interface (LED) and a variety of optional internal sensors (i.e. temperature).

i-Q tags operate in the UHF frequency range and can be read under a variety of conditions at up to 100m (300 ft).

i-Q tags are available with a number of air interface standards including ISO18000-7, and come in a variety of rugged housings depending on the required applications. i-Q tags are deployed in many applications worldwide, ranging from manufacturing to shipping and personnel monitoring.
The GPS Tag is the newest addition to the comprehensive IDENTEC SOLUTIONS portfolio and is also the most advanced RFID Tag available.

The intelligence of the GPS Tag is unique as it lies within the tag itself. Self tracking, the GPS Tag utilizes satellites in combination with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' patented ILR technology to chart its route and movement. Once within range of an IDENTEC SOLUTIONS reader, the GPS Tag will provide crucial information about the assets' movements.

Use of this technology is well suited to any type of asset or personnel tracking application, and in particular for container and port transit. The receiver is able to ascertain the exact route and journey of any asset or person. Not only will this system provide for increased control, but will allow for greater security and scrutiny.

The GPS Tag, like all IDENTEC SOLUTIONS tags and readers, has been designed to operate within harsh environments.

Note: For U.S. customers, this device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.
Readers :- Fixed and/or mobile, read or write information to the tags or the control computer. Users can select from a range of handheld equipment specific to their needs. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' i-PORT is a fixed RFID reader with an embedded computer. Data can be communicated to a host computer system over wired or wireless LAN.
The i-PORT reader is at the heart of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' Intelligent Long Range (ILR) RFID systems and plays a pivotal role as a powerful self contained communications hub. Their rugged yet versatile design and capabilities offer the highest degree of functionality in challenging environments.

Providing highly intuitive configuration tools as well as standardized interfaces, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS i-PORT readers provide reliable and accurate data for your mission critical applications.

Standard interoperability with Ethernet, 802.11 WiFi, RS 232, RS 422, USB, GPRS, and GSM enable a flawless integration into existing infrastructures and thereby protect your investments. Providing a read range of up to 500 meters while complying with ISO 18000-7 standards, the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS i-PORT reader family offers unsurpassed quality in active RFID solutions.

The i-CARD product family offers PCMCIA Type II cards as well as fully compliant CF (compact flash) Type1 cards. The i-CARD product family turns any portable computer, laptop, or PDA into a powerful ILR active reader with full range specifications of a fixed reader, up to 100 meters.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' i-CARD PCMCIA and CF cards support i-D and i-Q tags and a variety of antennas. They come complete with all necessary drivers for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Mobile, CE.NET, Pocket PC, Windows CE, and Linux.

Wireless Access Point(WAP) :-  
The Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro is the latest handheld computer to become a
part of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Intelligent Long RangeÒ (ILRÒ)–enabled mobile
UHF interrogators. ILR provides highly accurate, real-time data collection in
wireless applications such as:
• identification
• tracking and tracing
• localization of assets or personnel
• temperature monitoring
Using advanced UHF radio frequency technology, the Workabout Pro is
seamlessly integrated with ILR and transmits and receives data at distances of
up to 30 meters (100 feet) from an i-Q tag and up to 4 meters (12 feet) from
an i-D2 tag.
Software :-  


How it works:  An IntelliFIND equipped handheld or mobile RFID reader instantly provides the real-time position of a tagged asset within the lay down yard or construction site.  The visual and audible indicators of IntelliFIND guide the user directly to the asset, regardless of the environment or weather conditions. This significantly lowers the time spent searching for assets, cutting down on labor costs and improving operations efficiency.

It's that simple. In addition to the track and locate features of IntelliFIND, the system can easily create forms, allows for easy updates and at the touch of a button print out bar charts, customized reports, sort inventory, report on the health of the systems handheld readers, and more. 

Antenna :- Act as conduits between tags and readers

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ elliptically polarised RFID antenna meets all the
requirements for ranges of up to 100 meters (300 feet). Together with the
i-PORT 3 fixed interrogator, this antenna creates a very powerful
combination for data communication.
Because of the wide apex angle (120º), a large read zone is achieved,
which is desirable when a large quantity of tags needs to be read at the
same time, or when tags moving at great speeds need to be interrogated.
The antenna features have been chosen so that even tags in hard-to-reach
places or mounted behind metal surfaces can be read and written to.
Since the antenna’s polarisation is elliptical, the direction of the tag relative
to the antenna does not matter.
The compact and lightweight characteristics of this antenna enable fast
and easy installation. The antenna is designed for use in industrial
environments as well as in extreme temperatures and damp surroundings.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ planar RFID antenna meets all the demands for ranges up to
100 meters (300 feet).
This RFID antenna was specially developed for use with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ fixed
i-PORT interrogators. This creates a very powerful combination for data
communication. As the antenna is a passive unit, no setup is necessary, which makes
installation and maintenance very simple and straightforward.
The antenna characteristics were choosen in such a way that even transponders
mounted behind metal surfaces can be read and written to.
Because of the smaller apex angle (55°/65°), this antenna is more suited to selective
data collection and restriction of read zones.
With its greater gain, longer ranges can be achieved with the i-W900R (compared to
elliptically polarised antennas with the same power output at the i-PORT exit).

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