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Near Field Communication

What is Near Field Communication, commonly referred to as NFC?

NFC is a form of contactless communication that employs high frequency (HF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and wireless devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The technology uses embedded RFID readers, and allows a user to wave or pass their NFC enabled device within a few centimeters of another device, or an RFID tagged item, and transfer information between the two without physical contact. By removing the need to establish a connection between the devices, NFC creates a faster and more convenient way to transmit and receive information. The use of NFC enabled smart devices is already popular in parts of Europe, Oceania and Asia, and is quickly spreading throughout North America.


The possibilities are endless, whether communicating promotional materials on advertisements or providing vital information to employees on a jobsite, NFC technology will allow you to do so quickly with ease that is not available with traditional means. Businesses and individuals benefit from using NFC technology. By integrating credit cards, subway tickets, and paper coupons all into one device, a customer can board a train, pay for groceries, redeem coupons, and even exchange contact information all with the wave of a smartphone. Faster transaction times mean less waiting in line and happier customers. Fewer physical cards to carry around means the customer is less likely to lose one or have it stolen.



Many major companies Including Philips, Google, MasterCard and Paypal have all chosen to capitalize on the possibilities of NFC, and phone providers like Nokia, HTC and others have already begun creating RFID enabled devices, allowing this new technology trend to move forward. As the technology grows, more NFC compatible smart devices will be available and more stores and services will offer NFC card readers for customer convenience


How Does NFC Work?


NFC builds on the use of existing RFID technology. To function, an RIFD enabled smart device sends out a signal to a tag or secondary smart device. When someone brings their smart phone within proximity to the tag, the embedded RFID reader in smart devices will broadcast an RFID field, which in turn, will power the tag. This causes the tag to transmit the data stored on it. This allows for great interaction between traditionally passive mediums that will turn them into an interactive experience for smart device readers. A passive RFID tag can last 10 plus years, as they don't require a battery to operate.


Creating an NFC Solution with Libramation


Libramation has over a decade of experience with passive and active RFID, and can help you take advantage of this new and emerging technology. By using Libramation's ISO 15693 standard tags operating at 13.56 MHz, you can easily turn anything into a potential hub of information for your clients, employees or the public.

NFC technology opens up endless opportunities to expand your reach when it comes to advertising, promotions, and providing information to the public. By programming an RFID tag with information, you can expand your influence exponentially. Every sign becomes a portal to pass on additional information- with a wave of their smartphones, potential valuable clients can be directed to your website, have promotion codes given directly to their phones, and be given up to the minute information about your product or event.


  • A tag programmed with appropriate information is added to a pair of pants in a retail store. When a customer waves their phone, they are instantly told if there are other colours available, a shirt that compliments it, and whether they are available in their size in the location. With another wave of their phone at the cash register, the sale can be completed using their credit card without ever taking out their wallet.
  • A concert poster with an RFID tag takes someone directly to the event reseller website to purchase tickets to the concert, or merchandise store.
  • Movie posters and bus stops that can tell the public the schedules in a flash, and even direct them to pay their fare or purchase tickets.
  • A newspaper box that can direct people to establish a subscription to the publication.

The possibilities for NFC implementation are limited only by the imagination, and with more and more companies adapting the technology, the use of RFID will become more commonplace in the near future.

You can ensure that your efforts are not behind the times by finding out more about this innovative technology. Libramation can help you determine how to best use this technology to enhance your business. For more information, contact a Libramation representative today!

We can be reached via phone at:  780-443-5822 or via email at:

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North American Construction Group selects Libramation for Asset Tracking

Edmonton, AB, October 22, 2009 Libramation Inc, a leading provider of RFID automation equipment and technology, announced today that North American Construction Group has implemented its RFID Asset Tracking Technology.

With eleven different sites, and equipment worth millions of dollars, North American Contruction Group (NACG) must make sure that spare parts are available at any given time. However, having these parts spread out in yards the size of several football fields does not make it easier to a specific asset instantly.

Effectively managing large volumes of high-value assets such as pipes, pipe spools, buckets, heavy equipment parts, cable reels, augers and tools, can be challenging, but when you have 3 feet of snow on the ground, then it almost becomes impossible to find an asset quickly, say's Carlos Lopez, Field Engineer for Fleet Management/HS&E at NACG. In addition, we hope to install a mobile unit soon on one of our yard vehicles, which makes inventory whenever it roams through the yard. This lets us know instantly if an asset has been re-located, so we always have the latest location information in our database.

This all has changed significantly, when NACG was introduced an RFID-UHF technology presented by Libramation Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta.

Libramation recommended the IntelliiFIND Hand-Held unit, which is an agile and flexible RFID and GPS mobile track and locating system that utilizes IDENTEC Solutions proprietary and patented Intelligent Long Range (ILR) technology RFID Tags.

These Beacon tags operate in the UHF frequency range and can be read under a variety of conditions at up to 100m (300 ft). Additionally, ILR beacon technology is available with an optional marker, allowing for extremely granular location determination such as lane discriminiation for transportation applications. Designed specifically to operate in all conditions, including expansive areas and harsh environments such as Oilsands construction sites and lay down yards.

NACG decided that this solution will assist them locate assets very quickly, and reducing the downtime of any equipment or heavy or heavy machinery in the field.

About NACG

North American Construction Group Inc. ( ) is one of the largest providers of heavy construction, mining, piling and pipeline services in western Canada. For more than 50 years, NACG has provided services to large oil, natural gas and resource companies, with a principal focus on the Canadian Oilsands. The Company maintains one of the largest independently owned equipment fleets in the region.

About Libramation

For over Ten years, Libramation has implemented RFID solutions in a variety of markets, such as: libraries, governments and businesses to improve customers service, asset management and document tracking, and is a proud to be an Authorized System Ingrator for Identec, based in Edmonton Alberta, Libramation has RFID clients throughout USA and Canada. Product information is available at Libramation's Website at or by calling 1-888-809-0099.

About Identec

IDENTEC Solutions is the global leader in active wireless tracking solutions. Utilized by the world's leading organizations and system intergrators, IDENTEC Solutions' awards-winning technology portfolio offers robust, highly effective tracking solutions that manage critical process and optimize supply chain flow. Privately held since 1999, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has provided asset management solutions and support to a variety of organizations, including an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients such as Siemens, Bechtel, Volkswagon, Audi, Deutshe Post and General Electric. Haedquartered in Austria, the company's North American headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas, with customer service centers in Germany, Australia and Norway.



Libramation introduces the LibraMate

allows your Patrons to Borrow Books and Media 24/7. LibraMate can function as a mini Library in smaller communities, in shopping malls, or train stations, just to name a few. The LibraMate can also function either exclusively or combined for dispensing "Hold" request.

24/7 Borrowing and Returning

The LibraMate features a customized graphic interface, which guides their search and provides step-by-step checkout instructions using a touch screen. The self-charge unit allows Patrons to browse the Library's collection, select the item of choice, check out their selection, and receive a receipt. Once the Patron has validated their Patron Card, the requested item is discharged in ahandy box. These boxes are available in two sizes, allowing for optimal storage capabilities. The items can also be returned at the LibraMate, making them immediately available for the next patron, all without staff intervention.


24/7 Viewing

The LibraMate is linked to your ILS system and allows Patrons to view and browse online for titles available in the LibraMate. A hold can be placed on any of the items available in the LibraMate



24/7 Library

The LibraMate has been operational for several years in many Libraries in the Netherlands, and Libramation is extremely pleased to introduce this technology in North America. The unit can be built-into a wall with the storage compartment behind the wass. ideally with 24 hour access in your lobby area. The unit is ADA compliant allowing adult, children and wheelchair Patrons easy access.

Alternatively the LibraMate can be designed as a freestanding unit allowing installations in remote areas as a mini Library.