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Passive RFID Asset Management and Tracking

Effortless and up to the minute tracking and management of assets is an invaluable tool, and through Libramation, becomes a reality. Partnering with Xerafy, a global provider of industrial rugged passive RFID tag solutions, Libramation is pleased to provide another option for your asset management.The solution can identify stationary or moving assets. Information can be gathered from upto 12 meters depending on tag type, allowing assets to be registered and tracked, and for data to be collected in real time either while objects are stationary or in motion. By utilizing passive RFID tags and hand held reader devices, you can see exactly where your assets are at any given time. Xerafy’s UHF RFID tags are specifically designed to improve asset tracking and enhance business processes in the world's most demanding environments. These are passive tags, specially designed to be used on metallic items and able to withstand extreme temperatures and other harsh elements, such as high impact and caustic chemicals. These tags can be attached to any and all equipment, and can even be embedded inside metallic assets. These tags are especially good in cases where only periodic reads for inspections, calibrations etc., are needed. This solution is ideal for many applications, from warehouses, to service or laydown yards, to inventory management and supply control in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and distribution ventures. As a systems integrator, Libramation partners with the best of class system providers to deliver the highest quality, customized solutions. Whatever your needs, Libramation will deliver a customized RFID solution to ensure the best visibility and control over your equipment and materials.

Xerafy RFID Tags


The Pico Plus series of UHF RFID-on-metal (ROM) tags are sized to fit on small metallic assets for the IT, industrial, and supply chain markets, but exceed competitive read range performance for ROM tags twice their size. The Pico Plus series has performance ranges of up to 10 feet (3m), providing an unmatched value proposition for multiple markets from IT asset tracking, tool tracking to instrument tracking.

The XL Series EPC UHF high data storage tags come with 4K, 8k and 32K bytes of memory. The high memory provides capability to store data on the tag for controlling MRO records, chain of custody, and work-in-progress data. The XL series provides solutions for aerospace and defense, manufacturing, oil and gas and process industries. The Sky-ID tag is compatible with ATA Spec 2000 and SAE AS5678 specifications for the aerospace RFID initiative.

The X II Series of UHF RFID tags are specifically designed to be the smallest and most rugged RFID-on-metal tags in the world for industrial markets where critical and potentially hazardous situations require reliable identification of assets. Xerafy’s patented RF antenna design provides an unrivaled performance-to-size ratio, reducing tag size and allowing customers to attach X II tags to small metallic assets that have been too challenging to track in the past. The durable X II Series can survive temperatures of up to 482°F (250°C) and other harsh elements such as high impact and caustic chemicals.

The RFID-in-metal iN tags enables embedding of RFID during pre or post-production of metallic assets. Producers and manufacturers now can reduce application costs for enabling RFID plus provide the opportunity to differentiate and deliver greater value.

The Trak Tags are small in size but giant on features, style and performance for on and off metallic assets. The Trak Tag Family portfolio is comprised of the Data Trak, Versa Trak and Cargo Trak tags and are sized to fit a wide variety of assets, from IT components to large shipping containers. Compliant with ISO-18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standards, these versatile tags offer superior read range capability at the most cost effective price yet.

Motorola's MC9090-G handheld RFID reader gives your workers the ability to capture a comprehensive range of data — from RFID tags and bar codes to images — with this flexible multi-function handheld RFID reader, which reads data in remote areas where fixed RFID readers can't reach. Single device simplicity translates into simpler and cost-effective mobility architecture with fewer devices to purchase, support, and manage. And whether your workers are on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse, on the loading dock or out in the yard, the rugged design ensures reliable performance.

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